Criss Cross: Do Books Really Need Plots?

Criss Cross, a Newberry Medal winner from Lynn Rae Perkins, begins with the sentence, "She wished something would happen." This sentence is followed up with a meandering story, told from the perspective of six different adolescents across the span of one summer. Nothing dramatic happens to any of them. None of them end up dating each other. … Continue reading Criss Cross: Do Books Really Need Plots?

6 Sickening Moments in Classic Literature

If you've ever taken a course in creative writing, you'll know that being on this list is a compliment! A writer's main goal is to manipulate his reader's emotions. The writers on this list manipulated my emotions so effectively that they bypassed all secondary and tertiary emotions and tapped into one of my primary emotions, … Continue reading 6 Sickening Moments in Classic Literature


When You Reach Me has A Wrinkle in Time. Fifty Shades of Grey has Tess of d'Urbervilles. You've Got Mail has Pride and Prejudice.  No matter what genre you examine, you will find books that are continually winging their characters back to the pages of other books. What is the meaning of these books within a book? Are authors trying to send us … Continue reading Metabooks!