Lessons I’ve Learned from Editing (and being edited!)

Last night, I received the final feedback about Eleanor from my editor! To commemorate the experience, I thought I would share some of the lessons I have learned from editing (and being edited!) with you all... Clarify time transitions at the beginning of the chapter. Pacing was one of my top concerns when I submitted the manuscript of Eleanor to … Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned from Editing (and being edited!)

23 Resources for Self-publishers

The publishing industry is changing—I mean, Pangaea-during-the-Jurassic-Period changing. Many of the changes in the publishing industry are making it easier for self-publishers to get a foothold in the book market, but easier doesn't mean easy. Even with the rise of e-books, blogs, and print-on-demand  services, self-publishers still have to climb a steep road to success. These 23 resources can … Continue reading 23 Resources for Self-publishers